Hello fellow pinners!

Hi everyone!!  So yes this is absolutely my first time blogging. I’m a little nervous and very new at this, but let me begin by telling you what this blog is all about! If you don’t already know about pinterest.com, it’s a site where people can pin everything and anything they can find on the world wide web.  I fell in love with this site because it inspired me to try new things.  After trying out a few ideas I thought it’d be nice if there were someone out there…someone….anyone who could try out these pins and let the world know if they were even worth attempting.

So after much consideration (a whole 8 hours of sitting at a desk at work) I figured, why couldn’t I be that girl?  I plan on letting everyone know all about my weekly adventures with pinterest.com.

I will be trying it all out and will let you in on the results!!

And please, if there is anything you are interested in let me know! I just might be willing to try it out for you.

Happy pinning!


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