First things first…I must get organized! After looking through all the wonderful things I had pinned, I became very overwhelmed. I really had only thought of my first real “pinning post” but had no idea where to go from there. So low and behold, while I was pinning this morning I came across this little gem!!

This pin was for a 52 page printable blog planner. This is a great idea to keep on track for bloggers.    Beckie created this because she couldnt find a planner that fit everything she was looking for. She made sections for what she’s currently blogging for the week, her stats, a reminder to post on other blogs, ongoing goals, and lastly, a section for new ideas.  She also has a monthly calender to log what she has already blogged about.  So far I love this pin and its exactly what I needed to help me get started!

Unfortunately I do not have a properly working printer so I decided for now I can live with a store bought weekly planner.


Heres what I did to help me get this thing started:

First I listed all the pins I plan on trying out.  I categorized them into topics like Hair and beauty, Recipes, DIY, Major projects, and Holiday ideas.  I just wanted to make it a little easier for myself on days I’m in a hurry. This way if I wanted to just try a makeup tutorial, I can just go to hair and beauty and pick one real quick.

Once I had most of my posts listed, I started planning my weekly posts.  This was easy since I obviously only have one week :)  I made a list of the pins I’ll try this week and which days I plan on posting about them.  

Once I finish a pin I will highlight it on the weekly page and in the list so I know what I’ve done…we don’t want any reposts now do we??

So there it is! My first pin redone!  No feed back to really give on this one, except the fact that I highly recommend this for fellow first timers.  Starting a blog can be scary and there’s no need to add to the craziness, so YES, YES, YES I say to this!

Hope you enjoyed this a little at least…

Keep on pinning!


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