Out with the old and in with the new…

So happy Friday everyone!! I figured before I really started to get down and dirty with this whole pinning business, I decided I should at least show you some of the things I’ve done in the past. It’s not much just a few things but enjoy

   Ok so this was my VERY FIRST redone pin ever. Unfortunately since this was a first, I don’t have a link for it nor did I even know you could actually click on the images and be directed to the actual sites and blogs where these amazing pins came from! 

To learn how to do this I just YouTubed a tutorial for marble nails.  All you have to do is use a cup with some water in it (I used a cheap shot glass) and layer the different nail polish colors making almost a bulls eye effect. To layer I just held the brush over the water until a few drops came off. This is honestly where I had the most issues. If you don’t have enough polish on the brush it takes FOREVER to drip off and what thin layer of polish was already in the water would dry up if you didn’t layer fast enough. But any ways, once you have the bulls eye effect you can just use a tooth pick to kind of swirl the colors together. Then you dip you finger in the water and the paint should literally skim off the water onto your nail. It looked so awful after this but I did patiently wait and wait and wait until the nail polish was completely dry, then just took a ton of Q-tips around the skin to clean it up.  

My opinion on this one is I liked it, it was okay. Would I do it again?  Probably, given I have the time and patience.  Although with all the other nail techniques I’ve tried since then I doubt this would take any longer. 

So the next one I did was not really an exact copy.  I was hosting a jewelry party with a friend and we were trying to come up with a few food ideas. I came across a pin for lemon blueberry muffins.  Im not a big fan of blueberries…Ill eat them if they are mixed in something, but I wont go out of my way to buy them. I decided since every one loves cupcake I would make lemon blackberry cupcakes.

I found it was basically like making lemon poppyseed cake. I just followed the directions for a lemon cake mix and just tossed in a bunch of blackberries I mushed up. It was that simple and they actually turned out pretty decent.

The cupcakes on the right with all the delicious caramel and chocolate…those are my better than sex cupcakes, a very old recipe I was dying to try again. The cupcakes on the left are the lemon blackberry cupcakes. I ended up frosting them with whipped cream flavored icing and just garnishing them with a blackberry on top.

Another recipe I found was “brownie in a mug”. It was so deadly!! I think I made it every day until I was out of cocoa powder :( It was so easy too! All you do is mix everything in a large mug, microwave, and enjoy! I highly recommend trying it!


Another one that I started but still have yet to finish, was a canvas photo transfer!!  I absolutely loved doing this. It was so simple and so cheap! Unfortunately this is another pin that I don’t have a link for but I did google directions and pretty much every website was the same.  Ill give a little feedback on how I even came up with the idea. One of my besties is in the Military and when she returned from her deployment she came home to the good ol’ Buffalo to visit. We always seem to find ourselves getting into a photo booth, be it a mall or in this case a bar! When she returned to her base she was FINALLY approved for her apartment.  I really wanted to make her something special as a house warming present and had finally decided on a canvas photo of us.  I thought that the photo booth picture would be great since it was already in black and white. I remember one of the sites I looked at suggested using an old B&W photo for more of a vintage look.

After months of looking for a canvas that would actually fit the measurements and didnt cost an arm and a leg I actually found an 8″x 24″ canvas at Joanne Fabrics. On sale for under $5.00! I had the photo blown up at my local Kinkos and that cost about $.85.  All I needed was some Mod Podge which is very expensive but thanks to my wonderful and amazing mom, she found a generic brand for more than half the price!! As I stated before it is still not finished.  But no worries when I finish it I will be sure to post pics! So check back in maybe a week or two and I should have found at least some time to get to it!

My last post is by far my absolute favorite of alllllll time!! All I will tell you is I owe it to 2 amazingly talented ladies for having such great blogs! I first found a pin on Pinterest about a girl who made an outfit every day from all the clothes we would over look at the good will. She of course gave tribute to another talented blogger for one simple dress.  Which led me to my second amazingly talented lady.  I spent days looking through each blog and thats when I decided to also make the “pleated skirt to dress”

I have yet to wear this amazing dress because I have yet to find something important enough to wear to.  Please understand this photo does not do it justice what so ever, and in no way will I ever take credit for something so divine. If you would also like to learn how this dress is so simply made, please visit these amazing girls from the links below.  Trust me you will not regret it!




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