Something a little twisted

So today we are celebrating my moms birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday Mom! But since it’s about 81 degrees outside I definitely was not going to be straightening my thick unruly head of hair .  I thought about a braid for this post but then remembered about this one pin I’ve seen a million times and immediately knew I must try it! I’ve always wanted to try it because it just looks like a simple ponytail with a little twist to it…literally thats what it is!

The link to this pin has an article about 5 quick and easy hair styles. It actually says for the one I’m attempting to spice up any ponytail just twist a piece of  the ponytail around a hair tie.  Ha! Obviously with my little nub of a ponytail that’s not going to happen! So I went with the twisted side on this one.

ok so I at least straightened my bangs

On a side note I am staring another pin today but this one’s going to take 30 days before I’ll have the feedback! That’s because for 30 whole days, I’ll be doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! Yes I actually have the DVD.  I started it in the beginning of the summer but was also working out vigorously for an hour or more a day.  That lasted a total week! Why you ask? No I did not chicken out! But I did tear my MCL :( If you don’t know what that is, it’s one of the 3 muscles that holds your knee cap together. It sucked! Dr’s orders were to not work out for 2 weeks but it still hurt after 3.  Then the inevitable happened….I got lazy! So I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to do it again!  The caption on this post says to do 30DS every day plus and hour of cardio…EVERY DAY…I don’t have time for that shit. So I’ll be doing the 30DS every day with 3 days a week of cardio (1/2 hour – 1 hr) 

Oh and my starting weight??  Well I just weighted in at: 135.6 lbs! yay!! Ok so you also have to understand that it was my new years resolution this year to do ALL the things I’ve always wanted but was just had way too many excuses to not do! At the beginning of the year exactly on Jan 1, 2012 I officially weighed 155 lbs :,(  So for me weighing 135 lbs now, it is a huge accomplishment.  I figure I’ll give some feedback in a couple of weeks.  Maybe update my weight and tell you all how sore I’ve been because lets face it, Jillian Michaels is one tough cookie!  But now I must go! Off to dinner with the Momsters!


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