Finally I can stop losing my keys!

Ok so I’m very excited about this one! For the longest time I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect key holder.  All I wanted was just a cute little key holder to hang next to my door. Every where I looked all I could find were mail holders with key hooks. I couldn’t even tell you the last I actually mailed something let alone the last time I even bought a stamp. I felt I should not have to pay for a mail holder when all I wanted out of it were the key hooks!  

So I FINALLY came across this pin on Pinterest! The post was showing it being used as a necklace holder. As soon as I saw it I thought it would be perfect as a key holder.

Unfortunately there is no link attached to the pin and for legal purposes I don’t want to post a picture that does not belong to me. So I guess your stuck with my attempt to describe it :/ Ok so it’s basically a piece of canvas home decor with hooks screwed into the bottom. So that wasn’t too hard! And the actually project itself was too hard either! I found a square picture frame about 5″x5″ at Marshalls for 3.99 and I already had the hooks. No idea where I got them from but I miraculously did!

All I had to do was drill 3 holes in the bottom of the picture frame (btw it was about and inch thick) and then I just screwed in the hooks.

Aww! Don’t we look so cute!

Yay!! I am actually very proud of this one! My favorite so far!! So….Anyone else want a key holder?? I seriously want to make a million more! Gahhh!! It’s so darn cute!


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