Colorful pins

I must admit I really hate this awkward stage of growing my hair out from an inverted bob. I feel like I have no choice but to ALWAYS have my hair up. It’s still not long enough to curl and looks like a mom haircut when straigtened >:/  Needless to say I’m always pinning my hair back either with a cute braid or a little poof. So bobby pins are always needed but I’m getting bored with the same old bronzed color. 

I found this pin a while ago and decided the next time I needed to buy more bobby pins I would try this.  If you have bobby pins and nail polish this one is definitely for you!  It was so simple I couldn’t believe I hadn’t done this a long time ago. All I did to make my hair pins more fun was add some color with the millions of nail polish I already had. So here they are

So many colors I didn’t know where to start…good thing the pack comes with 60 pins!

Ok so I do have tell you about this little black tear drop thingy.  Apparently Conair thought of this awesome idea to help you open the bobby pin because its oh so hard to just slip your finger through it.  Guess what?? It doesn’t work! At all. But still thoughtful.

Oh and here’s a few pics of the bobby pins actually put to work:

So now I’ll be looking for any excuse to use these!


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