Alright so I guess you could say out of my friends I’m known as the red-head with glasses. I’ve colored my hair every shade except bleach blonde…one day I will…one day. My favorite color has always been red and I always find myself going back to some shade of red after a few months of trying out a new color.  Recently I’ve hated being a red-head because I feel like everyone and their mother either tries to pull off the ombrè style or every red shade under the sun!   I was determined to find a different new amazing color! Then I found this:


I love it!! What an amazing color! Couldn’t wait to try it! Unfortunately the purple color is only a semi-permanent and I really wanted a permanent so it didn’t fade as fast. And so I was once again on a mission…took weeks! But then a friend tells me she used a box color called “chocolate cherry” and it turned out PURPLE!! not dark red as shown in the picture. So I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. Hey if anything I’ll wait a week and just give in to the semi. Well here you go, this is what happened:

Mix it up

*Chocolate Cherry*

I generously added to my hair

I always get it all over my face! Best way to get that color out?? Just use makeup remover it’ll come right out

Horrible lighting but it actually looks purple!

And after 30 min…

No purple :(

Eh oh well…it’s actually is chocolate cherry not purple (most reviews I read also stated the color came out purple)

But no worries I still like it. I’m waiting out a few weeks for the color to fade then I’ll add the semi-perm plum purple…it’s going to be a long 2 weeks! 


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