Alright so I guess you could say out of my friends I’m known as the red-head with glasses. I’ve colored my hair every shade except bleach blonde…one day I will…one day. My favorite color has always been red and I always find myself going back to some shade of red after a few months of […]

My not so fat greek lunch

So I really have become obsessed with greek dressing and greek food in general. Lately I’ve been on a souvlaki kick. Mainly just because the dressing is so utterly delicious!  My boyfriend and I had been dying to just make souvlaki salads at home since we’ve been craving them so much. It was absolutely impossible […]


First things first…I must get organized! After looking through all the wonderful things I had pinned, I became very overwhelmed. I really had only thought of my first real “pinning post” but had no idea where to go from there. So low and behold, while I was pinning this morning I came across this little […]

Hello fellow pinners!

Hi everyone!!  So yes this is absolutely my first time blogging. I’m a little nervous and very new at this, but let me begin by telling you what this blog is all about! If you don’t already know about pinterest.com, it’s a site where people can pin everything and anything they can find on the […]